indian mandala inspiration

i am fascinated by indian mandalas. their history, strength and significance. a mandala is a sacred geometric figure that represents the universe. When completed, a mandala becomes a sacred area that serves as a receptable for deities and a collection point of universal forces. It is said that by mentally entering a mandala and proceeding to its center, a person is symbolically guided through the cosmos to the essence of reality. By constructing a mandala, a monk ritually participates in the Buddha's teachings.


yoga is the union of

the individual self with the universal self


leaves many and one



what does  this mean?  perhaps by looking inwards and understanding first our individual self, our authentic and essential self; only then can we can we actually see and value our “ordinariness.” We realize that we are all extensions of eachother. unique yet very divinely connected.





moving into stillness





moving into stillness. this is a phrase often used by the very well known yoga master, Erich Schiffmann. i find it beautiful in its simplicity and seeming complexity. motion and stillness. opposites, but so interlinked. it is like a big analogy for life. we run through life, looking for things, answers, solutions on the outside, and as we encounter disappointment, difficulty, "life " itself with all of its obstacles , we are forced to stop and look inside. and there we can find a different space to live from.
this discovery has been my most precious gift.  in studying yoga , i have learned that historically this discipline was first used amongst the brahman or priestly class in india to help them train the body in order to sit long periods in meditation and access a higher consciousness, their inner knowing.
all of the answers are inside of us. so meditation and connecting to our inherent wisdom is the real goal behind yoga... not getting a good butt...
 2 october 2013 - 07:47   /   inspiration

the gift of grace


what is grace_ reflection off the mat



Grace, like a name or a prayer, is an attitude and a quality that inborn or learned, we all have the opportunity to embody. This small collection of special pieces was inspired by this precious quality. It wraps the body in comfort. The silhouettes and designs tell a story. They have meaning that bring us closer to our true selves. 
Grace seeks to create individual reflection and personal connection. It is a little gift.
 30 sept  2013 - 16:50   /   inspiration


“ when you begin to practice, you center yourself,
in touch with your heart, and just remain there. you need not focus on anything particular to begin with. just be spacious and allow thoughts and emotions to settle. try to identify with your breathing, rather than just watching it. at the beginning it is best to simply be spacious, like the sky. think of yourself as the sky, holding the entire universe.”


sogyal rinpoche

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