weargrace analyzes and is inspired by  “devotionalwear” (ceremonial attire)  from spiritual practices around the world.

Age old traditions are studied and reinterpreted in a more modern way, allowing us to connect to these precious teachings

in our every day lives.



tibetan prayer flags


Tibetan buddhist prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The prayers depicted on the flags, when blown by the wind, are said to purify and sanctify the air, spreading good will and compassion into all prevading space. The blessings depicted on the flags are then carried to all beings. These prayers become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements.
Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, Tibetans renew their hopes for the world by continually mounting new flags alongside the old. This act symbolizes a welcoming of lifes changes

and an acknowledgment that all beings are part of a greater ongoing cycle. The colors of prayer flags represent the 5 basic elements: yellow-earth, green-water, red-fire, white-air and blue-space. Balancing these elements externally brings harmony to the environment. Balancing these elements internally brings essential healing to the body and the mind. The row of colorful rectangles hanging from weargrace garments are not prayer flags, but a graphic representation of them meant to remind us of this beautiful tradition and gently guide us to recognize the peace, compassion, strength and wisdom within ourselves and others.



"Each morning we are born again.

What we do today is what matters most."