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alchemy - the miraculous power of transmuting something common into something precious. the most common symbolic representation for alchemy is the triangle. the foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation.

WOOL.svg knitted zq wool

one of the latest edit from cariaggi, this ZQ certified merino wool is the perfect blend between refinement and sustainability. ZQ is a certification standard that stands for a better quality of life; for the animals, for our planet, our people and you.

1072700.svgHandcrafted in Italy

This garment is 100% handcrafted in Italy, from cut & stich to the final product.

340781.svgNo Polyester

Back label the wellness wear refuses the use of polyester; a cheap, petrol-chemical derived material commonly used in sportswear and garment industry.
Wearing polyester equals to wrapping your skin up in plastic.
As pores are clocked, the epidermis tends to suffocate resulting in toxins and body oil getting trapped within the fibers; hence there comes the unpleasant mould smell that persists even after many washing cycles.

On top of that, polyester micro particles that cannot be filtered by common washing machines, are constantly released in our oceans, irreversibly damaging our marine fauna and environmental balance.

CARE&WASHING.svgCare & Washing

• Hand wash

• Iron at low temperature

• Do not bleach

• Gentle cleaning with PCE

• Dry flat


• 100% mulesing free wool

  • Knitted Zq Wool - Paprika
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Amber
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Blossom
  • Knitted Zq Wool - White
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Black
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Teal Melange
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Midnight
  • Knitted Zq Wool - Hickory Melange

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