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bamboo legging

light stretch cotton is doubled up in the waist and seat area for full coverage and extra support. slim fitting full length
leggings with graphic frontal contours, perfect for the practice and as an easy daywear pant. available in juniper green ume
print, spruce and black.


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bamboo - an evergreen plant both flexible and strong in structure, bamboo bends to the forces of nature, yet returns unbroken to its original state manifesting patience, steadfastness, and grace qualities we all strive to embrace. the ume (plum) flower print the ume (plum) flower usually blooms by the end of winter amidst the snow and frosts and is considered an icon of endurance and perseverance. The timing of its blooming has made it a symbol of rebirth and faith for the return of the spring. In floral language it has the meaning of “elegance,” “faithfulness” and “pure heart”.