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ganges top

The strip of patterned ruched cloth flowing diagonally across the back of this simple and elegant top was inspired by the sacred ganges river and reminds us of the divine spirit and healing energy within us. Perfect for on and off the matt, this top can be worn front - back depending on your mood and body type. available in both sleeveless and long sleeved. available in aubergine with light aubergine ume print detail.


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the ganges river - is considered the most sacred river in all religions. in Hinduism in particular, it is personified as a Goddess wash away suffering and heal.

the ume (plum) flower print

the ume (plum) flower usually blooms by the end of winter amidst the snow and frosts and is considered an icon of endurance and perseverance. The timing of its blooming has made it a symbol of rebirth and faith for the return of the spring. In floral language it has the meaning of “elegance", “faithfulness” and “pure heart”.