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nadi pant

nadi pant in light stretch cotton. this pant features three seam details on the right and left legs and In the center abdominal area creating support and reminding us of our subtle internal energy. available in juniper green with ume print side detail.


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nadi (literally “river”), are the channels through which, in traditional indian medicine, the energies of the subtle body are
said to flow. they connect at points of intensity called chakras. the three major nadis are the ida (left), pingala (right) and
shushumna (central) nadi.

the ume (plum) flower print

the ume (plum) flower usually blooms by the end of winter amidst the snow and frosts and is considered an icon of endurance and perseverance. The timing of its blooming has made it a symbol of rebirth and faith for the return of the spring. In floral language it has the meaning of “elegance,” “faithfulness” and “pure heart”.