books that break and awaken us 

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I havent written in a while and i realize that one of the reasons is that I like to prepare things to be pretty and perfect and meaningful before posting. In that caution and calculated preparation, i often miss the spontanaeity of the moment and the opportunity to share some very cool ideas and thoughts. Today i am grateful for many books but perhaps the one that most  changed my life is Sogyal RInpoche's The TIbetan Book of Living and Dying.

This beautiful book appeared to me through a dear friend, like a gift of grace in the period in which my father was dying. It answered so many questions for me and opened my mind to a bigger perspective on life by giving me the courage to look candidly at death - my father's and even my own.

There are huge lessons in this book for everyone. It shows us how to be on a spiritual path in this modern age, reminding us of compassion, how to care for and show love to the dying and how looking intimately at death can help us to rejoice in life.