About WearGrace


WearGrace is a new collection of yogawear that resonates well beyond the confines of traditional athletic clothing.

Its design are inspired by the most native yoga teachings which hide behind the sport's roots and one of the maxims of traditional yoga; serenity.

With each seam, the garments transmit the values of the purest traditional yoga practices into everyday life.

The Founder : Karen Joyce

When Karen Joyce, a high-powered fashion industry executive, founded WearGrace she had already spent more than a decade working as an image director at Gucci Group, and over a quarter of a century dedicating her being and soul to the fashion world.

WearGrace was birthed to be the legacy Joyce would leave us.

This pure yoga brand is an extension of her personal journey and a reflection of her own experience in the fashion world.

The team today

Back Label The Wellnesswear has recently joined forces with WearGrace creating a niche group of two refined brands that speak the same language, the same ethos, the same refinement and same placement.

Back Label headquarter is now the new home of WearGrace.

The Devotionalwear meets The Wellnesswear

About WearGrace
About WearGrace

Giving back

WearGrace philosophy relies on principals of kindness and giving back.

This is the reason why garments are made according to strict fair labor regulations and a percentage of profits go to an orphanage in India.